Reduce Wrinkles, Creases, Fine Lines & Saggy Skin*

optimal results in
just 4 treatments*

reduce wrinkles &
saggy skin by 42%

on average*

utilizes ultrasound & radiofrequency

*Based on clinical studies. Individual results may vary.​

An Easy Solution For Any Unexpected Wrinkles in Your Plans*

EXILIS ULTRA is the only medical technology that combines two treatments at the same time, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, crepey skin, saggy skin, and creases by up to 42% over four treatments.

EXILIS ULTRA treats the forehead, eyes, crows feet, checks, laugh lines, lips, double-chin, neck, decollete, and wrinkled or saggy skin anywhere on the body.

The procedure is not painful; the radio frequency feels like heat & the ultrasound has no sensation.*

How Does EXILIS Work?

Wrinkles and sagging skin are caused by loss of collagen and excess fat under the skin due to the natural aging process. Exilis Ultra™ combines radio frequency and ultrasound waves to penetrate the skin, promote the production of new collagen, and reduce subcutaneous fat, resulting in skin that is noticeably smoother and firmer.*

Actual Before Photo*

Sculpting Face, Saggy Skin & Wrinkles ― Head-to-Toe

EXILIS ULTRA™ — Impressive results everyone will notice,no matter your starting point. No needles. No surgery. No downtime.*

*Individual results may vary. Photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

Actual After Photo*

Why Optimum Body Sculpting for Wrinkles?

Skin Countour

Whether corrective or preventative, EXILIS ULTRA™ reduces the appearance of aging on the face and anywhere on the body.*

Four Treatments

All programs are four treatments. Session length depends on the size of the body areas being treated as well as the quantity.*

Fast Results

Most clients see a difference on the first treatment. The maximum results are seen ninety days after the last treatment.*

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