From Dimpled Skin to Smooth as Silk.
Goodnight Cellulite*

see improvements in just 4 treatments

reduce appearance of cellulite by up to 93%

on average*

combines pressure & radiofrequency

on average*
*Based on clinical studies. Individual results may vary.​

Gently Improve the Bumpy Appearance of Cellulite for Smooth Skin*

EMTONE is the first and only medical device that simultaneously delivers both radiofrequency waves and targeted pressure energy directly to the skin to eliminate the appearance of cellulite by up to 93%.

By countouring skin to smooth its appearance, EMTONE helps build confidence and improve the way you look and feel.

Because EMTONE treats the root causes of cellulite, it’s an effective way to reduce the dimpled appearance of skin over time. You can expect to see amazing results in as few as four sessions.*

How Does EmTone Work?

EMTONE adresses cellulite from multiple angles. It utilizes radiofrequency waves and targeted pressure to reduce the fat surrounding the cellulite dimple, while at the same time entangling the fibrous band so that the dimple pops back.*

Actual Before Photo*

Love The Skin You’re In

EMTONE allows you to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite without needles or the gym.*
*Individual results may vary. Photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

Actual After Photo*

Why Optimum Body Sculpting for Cellulite?

Skin Countour

Improve the bumpy appearance of cellulite. Be confident in how you look*

Four Treatments

In only four treatments you can see a body image improvement.*

Causes of Cellulite

By treating the 5 causes of cellulite, EmTone can help you look and feel better.*

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EMTONE Results

See Before and After

EMTONE just works. See for yourself the before and after pictures of real results after only four treatments