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EmSculpt NEO® Body Sculpting

Two-In-One Treatment
to Increase Muscle
& Reduce Fat.*

EMSCULPT-NEO Fat Reduction
EmSculpt NEO® Fat Reduction

30-minute procedure

30% less fat

on average*

25% more muscle

on average*
*Based on clinical studies. Individual results may vary.​

The Only Machine In The World With Two Treatments In One

Unlike its’ predecessor, the EMSCULPT, the new EMSCULPT-NEO reduces fat up to 30% and increases muscle by up to 25% on average for better results in less time without working out. You can sculpt your arms, abs, hips, thighs, buttocks, and calves. This innovative medical device is the only FDA approved device in the world to merge radiofrequency with high intensity focused electromagnetic fields. The result is tighter skin, reduced fat, and increased muscle and muscle strength to improve the tone and appearance of your body.*

EMSCULPT-NEO delivers radio-frequency waves to reduce fat and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Fields (HIFEM) to increase muscle by creating up to 24,200 supramaximal muscle contractions in each 30-minute session. By delivering two treatments in one, the EMSCULPT-NEO gives you better results in a shorter time than its predecessor, the EMSCULPT.* 

Get a WorkoutWithout Working Out.

This non-invasive alternative to surgery is as easy as going to the spa. The results in muscle are often felt immediately, while the body takes time to absorb the broken down fat. Maximum results with reduced fat are typically seen 90 days after four 30-minute treatments.*

Ultrasound For Good Measure.

What good are results if they’re not measured? Our studio is the only one that uses ultrasound to measure and provide before & after results. In addition, we take pictures before treatment starts, after the last treatment and then again after 90 days. Because we know you’re going to like the results.

Why Optimum Body Sculpting?

FDA Approved

We utilize the only FDA approved body sculpting devices that combine two therapies for more muscle, less fat & cellulite, and improved wrinkles with only a 30 minute procedure.*

Proven Results

Clinical studies have conclusively proven the safety and efficacy of our non-invasive body contouring treatments, demonstrating only positive health outcomes.*

Simple & Easy

With EmSculpt NEO Body Sculpting you can have a tighter body, less wrinkles, and smoother skin. Enjoy spa-like treatments instead of surgery, needles, or a gym membership.*

Everybody is Talking About Us

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