Why do our patients love EMSCULPT-NEO? The first reason is because it is better than EMSCULPT or CoolSculpt by more than 60% and there’s more. Fast results: Patients can lose up to 3 inches off their waist, reduce fat up to 30%, tighten the skin and increase muscle up to 25% in 90 days. While results are […]

Oh Yeah!!!

At The Optimum Body Sculpting Studio, we deliver “OH YEAH” experiences for our clients every week.   OH YEAH moments are created when we decrease fat by up to 30%, tighten the skin, tone, and increase muscle by up to 25% for the arms, abs, hips, buttock, or thighs without months of dieting or weekly […]

Beach Party

Look no further than May 15th to get your body sizzling for summer from head to toe at never before seen 50% discounts off the best in non-invasive body sculpting. One day only, so make your reservation today!Without months of dieting, weekly gym workouts, needles, surgery, nor downtime the breakthrough EMSCULPT-NEO, can reduce fat up to […]

Summer Sizzle

When you want more sizzle in your summer body, The Optimum Body Sculpting Studio’s May 15th Summer Sizzler Event is where you’ll find it! At an incredible 50% off the best in body sculpting, the EMSCULPT-NEO, EXILIS-ULTRA, and EMTONE all in our new luxury studio. To sizzle arms, abs, hips, love handles, buttocks or thighs, the EMSCULPT-NEO […]

Hello Summer!!!

Say hello to summer and the largest discounts you’ll see on the latest and best non-invasive body sculpting technologies. Optimum Body Sculpting has it all in our new luxury studio. From head to toe we get you ready for summer with the only dual-mode technologies out there. Best of all, there are no diets, gym […]

Roses are Beautiful…

Bouquets of Roses are beautiful, but wilt in time. A gift of body sculpting doesn’t.  Show her your love with Roses and body sculpting this year at savings never seen before, 50% OFF, and it’s all just around the corner. No surgery, no painful injections, no months of dieting, no weekly gym workouts and no downtime, […]

Just for her!

This Mother’s Day give her a special gift of lasting love. Body Sculpting’s finest technology at savings of 50!!! Now you can help her look and feel better about her body, head  to toe, without months of dieting, panful injections or weekly trips to the gym. The finest in body sculpting is around the corner at […]

We are serious about cellulite!

At Optimum Body Sculpting we are serious about your cellulite. Using the only technology that combines two therapies at the same time, in four weekly treatment sessions we are able to reduce the visible appearance of cellulite for the buttock or thighs by up to 93%. There are no painful injections, surgery, and there is […]

Younger is within your power!

A younger, refreshed, smoother face is now within your power, and the solution is just around the corner. At Optimum Body Sculpting we feature the EXILIS-ULTRA, a revolutionary technology that has transformed non-invasive body sculpting, and it’s the only one that combines two therapies at the same time. EXILIS-ULTRA can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, creases forehead […]

Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day give her something different, a gift she’ll love that will last long after a bouquet of flowers will. Boost her confidence by helping her feel and look better anywhere on her body, from head to toe without months of dieting or weekly trips to the gym. With our three one-of-a-kind revolutionary technologies EMSCULPT-NEO, […]