Wait a minute

You don’t have to wait a minute longer. It’s finally a reality. You can have a tighter, toned, leaner body without the gym, diets, surgery

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Put some sizzle back!

At Optimum Body Sculpting we can put some sizzle back to your body without surgery, gym workouts, diets, or downtime. The EMSCULPT-NEO is the newest and

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Body, Behind, Legs

When you want a better body, behind, legs or reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery, diets, gym workouts or downtime the EMSCULPT-NEO has it all

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Eyes on Thighs

At Optimum Body Sculpting we make thighs happy again. Many of our  patients are not happy when their eyes see what time has done to

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Only at Optimum Body Sculpting

NeoMAX can only be found at Optimum Body Sculpting’s new luxury studio. When you want the maximum from non-invasive body sculpting, NeoMAX delivers. Our NeoMAX program

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The NeoMAX program can only be found at Optimum Body Sculpting’s new luxury studio. Adding to the purchase of EMSCULPT-NEO, that delivers up to 30%

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Why do our patients love EMSCULPT-NEO? The first reason is because it is better than EMSCULPT or CoolSculpt by more than 60% and there’s more. Fast results:

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Oh Yeah!!!

At The Optimum Body Sculpting Studio, we deliver “OH YEAH” experiences for our clients every week.   OH YEAH moments are created when we decrease

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