Richard D. Striano DC RMSK

Richard D. Striano DC RMSK

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With the new EMSCULPT-NEO, the only non-invasive dual technology body sculpting device you get up to 30% less fat and 25% more muscle simultaneously in four 30-minute sessions. Outperforming the others by more than 60%, it truly is a game changer. 

While the maximum results are seen 90 days after the fourth session, as the fat takes time to be reabsorbed, as you can see here, our clients are seeing improvements quickly, as soon as the fourth session. For the arms, abdomen, love handles, buttock, and thighs schedule a consultation free of charge to learn what the new EMSCULPT-NEO can do for you. Call us at 845-682-0820 or schedule your consultation free of charge on the web at and follow the “book now” tab.

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