Richard D. Striano DC RMSK

Richard D. Striano DC RMSK

You can have remarkable results without painful injections

When you have the best non-invasive and non-surgical body sculpting technology tight smooth skin is what you get. With over 90% of woman having cellulite there are few non-invasive treatments. Don’t waste your money on creams and magic elixirs that don’t work. You can have remarkable results without painful injections.

Meet BTL Industries EMTONE. The only technology that combines two cellulite banishing therapies at the same time. Radiofrequency that reduces the fat bulging up around the lumpy cellulite, stimulates elastin, and collagen tightening the skin. The second therapy is mechanical energy to break up and release the twisted fibrous bands that are pulling the skin down creating the dimpled appearance. This three-pronged treatment, reducing bulging fat, tightening the skin, and releasing the dimple results in up to 93% reduction in the visible appearance of cellulite without painful injections or downtime.

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