Richard D. Striano DC RMSK

Richard D. Striano DC RMSK

Do you want a flatter belly and a rounder booty?

Do you want a flatter belly and a rounder booty? The good news is At Optimum Body Sculpting, Suffern, New York, you can have both without surgery, diets, the gym, or downtime.

For a flatter belly the EMSCULPT-NEO rids fat up to 30% and builds muscle up to 25%, while at the same time stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, tightening the skin. Flatter, tighter, stronger, and lose up to three inches off the belly.


For a better booty, the EMSCULPT-NEO enables us to custom tailor treatment based upon individual goals. We can reduce only the fat by up to 30%, we can leave the fat alone and increase the muscle up to 25%, or we can do both, reduce the fat and build the muscle.

We are just minutes from Orange, Westchester, and Bergen Counties. For a complementary consultation to discuss how our cutting edge technology can help, call us at 845-682-0820 or schedule your visit on the web at


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