Optimum Body Sculpting



Why Optimum Body Sculpting

FDA Approved

The only FDA approved devices combining two therapies for fat, muscle, wrinkles, and cellulite.

Proven Results

Published studies, that responsibly demonstrate the safety and efficacy with documented positive results.

No surgery. No needles. No gym.

You can have a better body less wrinkles and smoother skin.

No needles. No surgery. No gym. No downtime.

EMSCULPT NEO, EXILIS, AND EMTONE are the only machines combining two treatments in one session, you can have less fat, more muscle, improved wrinkles head to toe, and treatment for all five causes of cellulite


Optimum Body Sculpting introduces the services of SKC Beauty

Board-certified Nurse Practitioner and a medical professional first, Sandi K. Choe for most of her 25-year career  has been focused on aesthetics. Treating patients with botox dermofillers disport and introducing microneedleing.

They All Can’t Be Wrong…

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