EMSCULPT Body Sculpting

Fat Reduction &
Body Contouring

no needles. no surgery.
no gym. no downtime.

Why Optimum Body Sculpting

FDA Approved

We utilize the only FDA approved body sculpting devices that combine two therapies for more muscle, less fat & cellulite, and improved wrinkles with only a 30 minute procedure.*

Proven Results

Clinical studies have conclusively proven the safety and efficacy of our non-invasive body contouring treatments, demonstrating only positive health outcomes.*

Simple & Easy

With EmSculpt NEO Body Sculpting you can have a tighter body, less wrinkles, and smoother skin. Enjoy spa-like treatments instead of surgery, needles, or a gym membership.*

Everybody is Talking About Us


Optimum Body Sculpting introduces the services of SKC Beauty

Board-certified Nurse Practitioner and a medical professional first, Sandi K. Choe for most of her 25-year career  has been focused on aesthetics. Treating patients with botox dermofillers disport and introducing microneedleing.